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Observe, conserve and preserve at the brand new Plett Ocean Festival, 1 – 10 July 2022

Plett Tourism are the organisers and hosts of the educational and action-packed inaugural Plett Ocean Festival, starting this coming Friday 1 July. Covering 10 glorious days, the Plett Ocean Festival invites you to the first-ever Plett Marine Science Symposium which take place from Friday 1 to Sunday 3 July at the Beacon Island Resort, and a host of outdoor activities and excursions on the Plett shoreline and in the ocean.

The all new Plett Marine Science Symposium will see some of the country’s most revered specialists in their respective oceanic area of expertise give talks on a host of topics around the conservation efforts being undertaken in and around the coastal regions, combined with educational seminars on some of the most beautiful creatures who live just on, and off, our shores. Talks include – ‘Killer Whale Research’ with Danielle Conry, ‘Become a citizen scientist’ with Dr. Chantel Elston, ‘Saving Marion Island’s seabirds’ with Dr. Anton Wolfaardt, ‘Assessment of boat-based whale-watching’ with Dr. Minke Witteveen, ‘White Sharks’ with Lacey Williams and Bruce Noble and so much more. Evening networking includes less formal presentations on the Robberg Coastal Corridor and locally based historian and author Mike Kantey on the history of the Whaling Station. Hosted at The Beacon Island Resort Hotel, a full schedule of seminars, times and booking details can be found by clicking the web link below.

Running alongside and beyond the Symposium, (1 – 10th July) are a series of Excursions and Activities that are designed to bring all aspects of our beautiful ocean life alive! There is something for everyone in the family to enjoy and experience – young, middle aged and old – at a raft of venues in Plett and its extensive shoreline!

The Plett Ocean Festival is a wonderful new addition to the ever expanding annual calendar of events we are seeing now in the region. Talking on the hopes for this first event and the visions for the future, Plett Tourism CEO, Patty Butterworth told The Times, ‘Events and festivals are becoming increasingly popular as an effort to revitalise local economies. Plett Tourism has created a series of quarterly community events and festivals, including the new Plett Ocean Festival. These events attract tourists and visitors at regional, national, and international levels. It’s important that our events involve as many local people and suppliers as possible – providing various services including food, beverage, entertainment, and added-value attractions. This provides greater economic benefits to the town and to the region. Local vendors, artisans, craftspeople, restaurateurs, and accommodation often make a large portion of their annual income participating with events. Events have impacts that go well beyond what can be measured in economic terms. They contribute to the quality of life across Bitou by strengthening the community, providing unique opportunities, building awareness of diverse cultures and identities, and acting as a source of community pride.’

Timings and booking details for the symposium, activities and excursions can be found at